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CorePro Systems has over 35 years experience providing expert thermal insulation solutions for homes, businesses and industries throughout the UK.

A Comfortable Conservatory All Year Round

Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

We can help keep your conservatory warm all year round and fun for you, friends and all the family. 

Heat can be a tricky thing to balance, from winter to summer - however, By installing our insulated replacement roof panels your conservatory can differentiate those seasons and leave your conservatory in the perfect climate and condition. 

No longer will you need to spread radiators or fans across your conservatory, as we provide a range of insulated roof panels solutions to fix this seemingly Everlasting problem.

Why choose Our Panels?

Market-leading Quality 

Our insulated roof panels cannot be beaten. 

Made to order in Germany by one of Europe's largest composite insulated panel manufacturers, Stadur Produktions GmbH

The relationship between CorePro Systems and Stadur spans more than 30 years. We choose Stadur as our supplier based on a proven track record of innovative solutions, materials used, knowledge of the construction market and of course German engineering

Matched with our long experience in thermal insulation products both here and overseas the partnership with Stadur ensures we offer our customers a choice of insulated panel roof panels designed to suit their needs

Retaining heat during winter months

Keeping you cosy 

When it comes to the colder winter months, our replacement insulated roof panels will substantially improve the internal conditions by retaining heat and avoiding risk of condensation. 

Reducing heat loss through the roof by as much as 70% means reducing energy costs and creating a warm space to relax in during even the coldest winter months.

Proven construction materials

Insulation and Waterproofing Combined

We all know the problems with translucent roof panels, polycarbonate or glass. Too hot in the summer too cold in the winter and noisy in heavy rain.

But how about the other problems: grubby aged glass or polycarbonate panels, cracked, starting to leak? How many years does the roof have left?

Cure all those problems with our solid insulated replacement roof panels.

They are sandwich panels with either Stadurlon ® or aluminium skins and a waterproof XPS foam insulation core. Not only do they provide excellent thermal insulation giving you the comfortable space but also a brand new exceptionally strong waterproof roof that will last many years. Stadur makes panels for many building applications. They choose only the materials that are "best in class" and designed to suit the end use.

eliminate heat

All this talk about being warmer in winter isn't the same as being cooler in summer - don't worry, we can compensate for that too! When it comes to summer, we all hate that sweltering feeling and the need to eliminate heat from every aspect of our homes - not only do our solid insulated  panels trap heat in winter, but they prevent overheating  during summer, keeping you cooler, but not chilly.

The Perfect Temperature

We aim to create the best-working home improvement. Our insulated roof panels retain the right amount of heat to keep the air from becoming stifling, keeping you at the perfect room temperature. 

good for all Seasons

Keeping heat in and keeping heat out is a constant battle depending on the season; luckily for you, we can solve this problem for you. We enjoy being able to keep your conservatory cool during any hot weather - a scorching or hot glare can make or break anyone's day, but with our insulated  roof panels we make sure to get that balance just right; any of our conservatory owners can assure you on that!

Why Choose Us?

Excellent prices and Unmatched quality

Our customers constantly commend our brilliant products and excellent pricing. 

 We are confident that you'll be pleased with the end result at a fraction of the price anywhere else. 

Our insulated conservatory roof panels are always perfect for any weather, not only do look great but are built with energy efficiency in mind. 

No matter when you desire to use your conservatory, it is perfect all year round - by no means is it ever boiling hot or freezing. 

Our professional advice combined with the highest quality German engineered products are sure to keep your conservatory warm and cosy.

Our insulated panels make sure to keep any light glare from damaging any furniture or fabric inside your conservatory.

Sound reducing panels

For a quieter Conservatory

One common issue found within conservatories is excessive noise during downpours. Uniquely we offer an option to incorporate a thin soundproofing layer within the panels to further deaden this unwanted intrusion. 

Cost saving 

Compared to the more traditional aspects of roofing, such as tiles, our insulated roof panels can be installed at a fraction of the price. Our panels are lighter and specifically designed and engineered to fit any existing conservatory roof frames. So easy is the installation that in most cases it is  completed in the same day.

Our efficient panels reduce heat and are energy efficient - increasing your yearly money-saving. 

Our low and cost-effective prices are regularly recommended and help with reducing energy bills in the long run.

High-Quality Panels

Our insulated roof panels not only vastly improve the comfort of your conservatory  but they also provide a clean, aesthetic look to your conservatory roof. 

Our insulated panels introduce noise reduction and thermal comfort who says you can't have both looks and practicality?

 We have many options for you to choose from that all ensure your happiness and satisfaction towards your conservatory.

Dedicated Installers ( or DIY)

While installation of our panels is within the scope of many DIYers we also have a network of installer companies around the country experienced in fitting all of our range of insulated roof panels. The choice is yours.

If you have any questions, call or email us today.

We are dedicated to giving you a professional service. We always put our friendly team to good use. 

your conservatory will be the perfect place for relaxation and peace of mind.

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