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Specialist Thermal insulation Suppliers

CorePro Systems specialises in thermal insulation solutions, researching, specifying and supplying energy-efficient materials in many applications.          Our expertise in this field led to an invitation over 10 years ago from companies in the conservatory industry to provide an energy efficient, low cost, light weight and easy to fit product for roofs that was different to the traditional methods used in housing. Lightweight insulated roof panels were the solution. Supplied by our German manufacturing partner of over 25 years, Stadur GmbH, these panels are now used by many national roof replacement companies

We have over 35 years of experience in our industry, in both the UK and overseas. CorePro Systems provides its clients with a wide range of choices for thermal insulation materials and products from partner manufacturers based here in the UK, Europe and the US. 

We offer thermal insulation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties and of course conservatories. 


Something for every customer

Our range of options allows our clients and customers to choose between panel types, colours and the aesthetic effect on their conservatory.

 Through this, we aim to provide a comprehensive bespoke service that creates the perfect space for our individual clients and best suits how they want to use their conservatory. 

Increased Use

Something for every customer

The ultimate aim of any conservatory insulation provider is to create a comfortable space that the owners can use all year round. Like any other room in your home, your conservatory should be a pleasant cosy space for you to go to when you want to relax. Ensuring it is properly insulated will allow you to do this no matter the weather.

Along with an improved appearance, CorePro System's insulated roof panels will help improve your conservatory's thermal efficiency as well as its acoustic performance. Your conservatory will stay warm during the winter, remain cool during the summer and quiet in heavy rainfall, ensuring that you can use your conservatory all year round.


Because nothing beats experience

During our 35 years in the industry, our team of insulation specialists have advised on and supplied all manner of insulation solutions including those specifically for conservatories. We have seen it all, from uPVC and wooden roofing frames to deep and shallow roof bars to polycarbonates and glass roofing systems. We ensure client's peace of mind whenever we recommend and supply  providing a high-quality and cost-effective engineered panel solution from our German partner manufacturer, Stadur GmbH .

How We Are Different

We are the UK agents for thermal insulation  products manufactured by several major European producers.  They selected CorePro Systems as their UK partner . We offer specialist insulation as well as insulated sandwich panels. Part of that sandwich panel  range is designed specifically for insulated conservatory roof panels.  We supply insulated conservatory roof panels directly to both trade and the general public.       

CorePro Systems offers a choice of insulated panel solutions. Rarely is there just one option for any particular application.  We take time to listen and to understand your needs and then using our long experience in this field matched with your input we  offer a choice to suit your requirements whether that be budget, aesthetics or performance.                                We help. You decide! 

CorePro Systems has over 35 year of experience in the  thermal insulation industry from low temperature cryogenic to high temperature. We know thermal insulation. We know insulated sandwich panels. We know what's possible. We know what isn't.  Call us to discuss your project or for  a quote or to arrange a visit from one of our network of installer partners around the UK.

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