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Are Conservatories Worth Upgrading

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  • 18-08-2022
Are Conservatories Worth Upgrading

Should I upgrade my conservatory? This article discusses the ways in which you can upgrade your conservatory and the advantages to doing so.

Why upgrade your conservatory?

Temperature extremes

The step we would recommend is simply replacing the glass within your ageing conservatory. In modern times, the latest glass coatings will make window panes far less susceptible to extremes in temperature.

The technology will keep your conservatory cooler in summer by reflecting away the heat, and keep the space warmer in winter.

Window and glass coatings are invisible to the naked eye. The coatings are microscopically thin in order to reflect the sun and stop harmful UV rays from flowing directly into the property, reducing the solar gain. 

Modern glass coatings have made conservatories far more liveable and useable all year round.

One type of glass coating is named Four Seasons Glass due to it evening out the temperature of the space for much more comfortable living in all seasons. These new coatings simply did not exist ten or so years ago, meaning that many people with older conservatories are only now making the switch.

These days you can choose from various different glass specifications for any new conservatory. Replacing the glass in a south-facing window with a new specification will reduce the overheating in the rest of the space. Vice versa, installing more energy-efficient glass in a particularly cold window in the conservatory will assist in keeping the room warm.

Thermal efficiency

If you have an older conservatory from the 80s, then you may be getting tired of your aluminium sliding doors.

In many cases, building regulations will not let you replace them because it will lower the space's thermal efficiency, as well as put a cold spot at the rear end of your home. This means even higher energy bills.

One solution can be to replace the conservatory's roof. It is recommended that you replace the roof with either solid tiles or some kind of combined glass and solid roof. This will make your conservatory a seamless, open-plan part of your home rather than just a bolt-on.

A popular choice is a solid roof with skylights cut into it. This mixing and matching between glass and a solid roof creates nice shaded areas where people can use their phones, laptops, or watch television. It is much more in with modern lifestyles.

The ceiling will be plastered and insulated, meaning the room can retain all the necessary warmth. It is an ideal solution for those who crave the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a conservatory with natural light. The new insulation will revive your existing conservatory, making it totally thermally efficient. If you decide to go for a tiled roof extension, then you should go for tiles that match the rest of your house.

This will help to create a seamless extension. Lightweight synthetic tiles are essentially identical to genuine tiles and will look exactly the same when viewed from the ground. Synthetic tiles are very hard-wearing as well as have all-weather thermal insulation properties.

They also come in a range of different styles and colours to suit your home. The best part, the tiles are very lightweight. When you replace the roof in an older conservatory, you must be wary of the weight. Lightweight synthetic tiles will help with this issue.


On-trend colours

The frame of the conservatory itself is the final element you need to consider when you are enhancing your conservatory. When you are working on your roof, you can improve your wall's frames using brick to give the space more of an extension look. These days people care much more about what their conservatories look like. A decade ago, frames were always white or aluminium.

Now you can choose from many different contemporary colours and patterns. The early conservatories were simply glass boxes that had been affixed to the side of a house. The new generation of conservatories are more commonly designed to meld with the design and fabric of the entire property.

Top Ways To Upgrade Your Conservatory

Make It Open Plan

The design options with conservatories are almost limitless. Conservatories are the perfect way to connect the interior of your home to your garden and the outside world. They are ideal for creating spacious indoor areas that are perfect for socialising or to be used as a dining room. 

Designing your conservatory to be open plan is a great way to enhance the space. Open plan living has become more and more popular over recent years, it is becoming an extremely sought-after feature. 

Corner Pillars

If you are wanting for your conservatory to bear a resemblance to a stylish orangery, then you should think about adding some corner pillars to the structure. These are also known as Loggia columns or super-insulators. These add elegant style to your conservatory, but can also provide comfort due to the pillar's insulating properties.

Corner pillars are up to five times more thermally efficient than a brick, as well as being very easy to install. The design originated all the way back in the Italian Renaissance, meaning the columns just ooze traditional Italian charm, but are very adaptable for modern homes. Creating an ageless and lasting aesthetic that can be installed in almost any kind of property.

Underfloor Heating

If you are planning to upgrade your conservatory then you should definitely consider underfloor heating. Many people think that upgrading your conservatory means just altering the structure and design, but it can also mean enhancing the space's comfort. Underfloor heating provides a discreet and efficient way of heating the conservatory.

A couple of system examples are the Loose Wire System and the StickyMat System. These designs give a high output of heat, which can be required in a conservatory, especially during the winter months. The installation process and cost will depend on the system you choose to use all throughout your home.

On average, this kind of installation will cost around £50 to £75 per square metre. Including the insulation, heating controls, and electrician fees, the cost will likely come to around £200. This kind of property upgrade will add value to the home when it comes time to put the house up for sale. 


The ambience in your conservatory relies very heavily on the type of lighting you decide on using. One benefit of a conservatory is that during the daytime, the space is filled with natural light. Meaning during these times, you do not need to talk about adding artificial light. When the sun starts to set, lighting your conservatory is absolutely vital. It is also just a great way to give your conservatory an enhancement.

There is a multitude of options available for you when it comes time to pick your preferred style of lighting. Just some examples of these varieties are below: 

 Insulated ceilings will prevent overheating in the summer months

Will assist in retaining much-needed heat in winter

You will no longer need to contend with the irritating glare from the sun

Insulated ceilings can be installed on almost all types of conservatory roofs

An insulated ceiling will not minimise your ceiling size

No change to your interior space whatsoever

Are you considering conservatory insulation? We offer professional thermal insulation solutions for domestic and commercial conservatories throughout the UK.


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