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What Is The Best Insulation For a Conservatory Roof

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  • 06-12-2021
What Is The Best Insulation For a Conservatory Roof

Are you considering the best insulation for a conservatory roof? We look at the most popular options for keeping your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer.

Why should I insulate my conservatory roof?

Weatherproofing your conservatory is one of the best ways to keep it protected and keep hot air in. Most people will tackle the glass walls first as they make up most of the room. However, by insulating the roof, you can prevent much of the heat loss that happens when the warm air rises and escapes through gaps in the roof.

During cold winters, your conservatory will be unbearably chilly, essentially cutting off an area of your property from use until the temperature improves. 

Additionally, as the rays of the sun penetrate the roof and bounce around the conservatory, it can cause the living space to become overwhelmingly hot, leaving you in the same situation as in winter with one less room to use.

Insulating your roof also improves the resale value of your home. Prospective buyers may be more interested if they know the property has had all heat problems solved already.


What Is The Best Insulation For A Conservatory Roof?

DIY options to insulate a conservatory roof 

Solar Control Film is an extremely effective new way of insulating your conservatory. The film is easy to install, leaving you with more time to focus on other aspects of your conservatory. Furthermore, UPVC solar control film is relatively cheap, too, compared with comparative options. 

Solar control film works in a similar way to tinted car windows. It makes your conservatory's windows darker, which reduces the amount of glare and heat that emanates from the sunlight. The solar film has a mirror-like finish, which combines with the tint to create an efficient heat and glare-reducing material.

As the windows are darker, you have the added benefit of privacy during the daytime, as it is harder for those on the outside to see in.

If you're looking to control the amount of heat that makes it into your conservatory during the summer, window film lets you keep it sunny inside without the scolding temperatures. This is an increasingly popular option as it is affordable, simple to install, and fits in nicely with your conservatory, keeping that garden feel. 

Solar window coverings are very flexible. They can be applied to patio doors, glass conservatory roofs, windows, or any smooth glass surface. It can support single-paned glass, double glazed units and laminated glass.

Solar window coverings are very flexible. They can be applied to patio doors, glass conservatory roofs, windows, or any smooth glass surface. It can support single-paned glass, double glazed units and laminated glass.

However, you must make sure you check the compatibility of the film first, as some darker films do not work well with double glazed units when toughened glass isn't used. DIY homeowners will be happy to know that applying solar control film is easily doable for non-professionals.

Firstly, you must make sure the glass is as clean as possible, free of paint, dirt and specs of anything you wouldn't want to see under the film. After that, the adhesive side of the solar film, as well as the glass, needs to be sprayed with a cleaning solution

Once the window film is on the glass, you will need to squeeze any water from underneath the window film using a squeegee.

Many people disregard their conservatory during the summer, as its greenhouse-like heating effect makes it an uncomfortable room to stay in. However, by combining aluminium foil with thermal wadding, you can solve the problem easily.

The materials can effectively emit and absorb heat during the warmer months. The thermal wadding can absorb heat through its air pockets, which traps the heat and insulates your conservatory. Similar to Solar control film, aluminium foil and thermal wadding offer a cheap and practical way to insulate your conservatory.

 Aluminium foil doesn't significantly degrade over time like other materials, making it suitable for those who don't like spending a lot of time on DIY work. The foil comes in rolls, so you only need to order according to how much you need, saving money. 

In some cases, you may be looking for a long term solution to your conservatory roof insulation needs. You can have your conservatory roof removed completely and replaced with a fully functioning roof that integrates easily with the rest of your property.

Whilst expensive compared to alternative options, a replacement conservatory roof guarantees significantly better insulation all year round. It also makes the conservatory look like it was built with the house instead of just an addition.

However, those looking for an open-plan, 'gardeny' aesthetic might be uninterested in this option.

Ceiling blinds are an effective and cheap way of insulating a conservatory. You can install them yourself along the roof, and you're able to open and close them whenever you need.

Ceiling blinds protect you well against the sun's rays in the summer whilst allowing you to keep that classic sunny ambience and natural light in the room that all conservatory owners love.

Additionally, the blinds could help preserve heat during the winter, as they will block some of the hot air from escaping. As expected, installing ceiling blinds is easy and fast. No risks are being introduced with ceiling blinds compared to other insulation methods, which may require glazing bars being drilled or additional weight to be added to the roof.

The only important factor to consider is fire safety. By adding ceiling blinds, you are adding a flammable material that would easily help a fire spread due to the length of the blinds. However, in most cases, this won't be an issue.


Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

The ever-present issue for conservatories is that they are either too hot or too cold, with no in-between. This leaves homeowners with a room that never pleases them, and the conservatory will often go underused during summer and winter when the issue is most prevalent. 

Insulated conservatory roof panels offer a solution to the constant temperature problem for conservatories. They replace your existing glass or polycarbonate roof panels with waterproof "insulated sandwich panels". The panels come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, so it shouldn't be a problem to find one that suits your home.



Reduced Sound

An additional benefit to insulated conservatory roof panels is the sound dampening. 

Homeowners with polycarbonate roof panels know it can get annoyingly loud with just an average rain shower. 

By replacing your existing conservatory roof panels with insulating ones, you'll be able to have conversations, watch TV, or focus on reading even when the rain is particularly heavy.

Flexible Specifications

The thicknesses available for insulated roof panels are typically between 10mm to 100mm, so whether you're on a budget or in need of a stronger material, the choice is yours. 

The maximum length of the panels is approximately 7.5 metres, which is more than enough for most houses. Insulated roof panels come in a range of colours, both internally and externally. 

Some of the most common external colours are slate grey, white, and copper brown. As for the internal colours, many homeowners choose either ivory, cream, or white.  There are additional options for the panels, too, such as security layers and integral acoustic options.

Easy Installation

The installation for insulated conservatory roof panels is both fast and simple. 

The panels can be direct replacements in place of your existing polycarbonate or glass panels, so no additional expensive labour costs are needed. 

Many companies that offer this type of roof panel will send an approved installer to install it on the same day as delivery, so you won't have to wait around for long to enjoy your new and improved conservatory. 

best insulation for a conservatory roof

This makes it an excellent option if you are looking for an insulation solution in a short time frame because of upcoming parties or gatherings at your house.

Furthermore, some insulated roof panel suppliers offer nationwide delivery and installation, so you won't find yourself in a difficult situation if you live far from urban areas.

Major Benefits

Insulated conservatory roof panels are capable of reducing heat loss and cutting out any solar gain by 50-80%, which is significantly higher than alternatives.  

The panels are lightweight, making them easier and faster to install. The materials used are extremely strong, so home homeowners can rest assured that they won't need a replacement roof for many years after the installation. 

The panels are also waterproof, which is an essential benefit for British weather as you won't have to deal with leaks. Some suppliers of insulated roof panels offer a 10-year guarantee.

Are you considering conservatory insulation? We offer professional thermal insulation solutions for domestic and commercial conservatories throughout the UK.


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