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Conservatory roof panel Installation 

Find out more about the installation process. 

Two options. We offer insulated conservatory roof panels, supply only, to both the public and trade or as a supply and install service carried out by a network of installers throughout the UK.

Fitting our conservatory roof panels

Insulated conservatory roof panels are a brilliant and cost-effective way to improve the thermal efficiency of your conservatory. Using high-quality engineered materials the panels are made to order by our German fabricator partner and are designed as direct replacements for your existing roof panels. Installation can be DIY or through our network of experienced installers. 

A large part of replacing an existing roof system with insulated panels is knowing how your current roof is configured. CorePro Systems has seen every type of conservatory roof imaginable, and will recommend the best solution for your particular roof. Knowing how your existing roof is configured allows us to source the right size and type of insulated panels needed. 

Depending on the type and thickness of panel you choose for your conservatory roof and the type of conservatory, U-Values of 0.29Wm2K can be achieved, with even standard thickness panels offering a U-value of less than 1W/m2K 

U value is a measure of thermal transfer (heat loss) through a building element. The lower the U-value, the better. 

At CorePro Systems our long experience in the thermal  insulation industry enables us to calculate U values and offer accurate genuine figures

Our manufacturing partner, Stadur Produktions GmbH, produces many thousands of square metres of insulated sandwich panel every day. Their panels are used in many applications from architectural to cold temperature storage to transport as well as conservatory roof panels. Having worked with them for over 30 years we can vouch for their high quality, engineered and innovative product range. Nowhere more so than in our roof panels

The insulated roof panels are made by laminating a top and bottom skin on a rigid core of extruded polystyrene foam insulation (XPS) to create  a robust rigid sandwich panel.

The skins can be aluminium, available in 4 different colours, white, graphite, copper brown or cream.

Alternatively the skins can be  Stadurlon, a polypropylene based material that looks like PVC but does not involve the use of chlorine in its manufacture. 

We also offer the option  of the unique integral acoustic layer

The Installation Process

Now we will take a look at the process of installing these insulation panels:

Step One

Get In Contact  

The first step of the roof insulation panel installation process is to contact CorePro Systems. We can advise and assist your choice of panel type depending on the individual conservatory 

We will be happy to discuss any queries you might have and go through the available options. Providing us with your conservatory's current dimensions and configuration will help greatly in these initial stages.

Step two

Material estimate    

Using the information you provide us with regard to dimensions, existing panel numbers ad thickness and perhaps a sketch or photographs we will be able to calculate the number of insulated sandwich panels required and an estimate of cost.

Step three

Panels Made To Your Specification   

Once the decision on panel size, type, specification and numbers has been decided we can go ahead with the order.  This will be placed by us directly with our manufacturing partner in Germany

Should you choose a coloured aluminium panel these skins are pre-powder coated to ensure a long lasting colour finish and minimise the risk of issues in the production process. There is a choice of  coloured both sides or a white internal skin. There is even the option of gloss levels. 80% is a standard metal finish so is slightly shiny, or there is 35% which is designed to match the gloss level of PVC.       

 After production your panels are wrapped and palletised protecting them during transit to your home or to your installer.

Step Four

Fitting The Panels    

When installing the insulation panels, the first thing to do is to delicately remove the screws from the end caps of the existing conservatory roof bars. 

These screws will likely have been in place for many years and must be removed carefully. The second step is just as delicate and involves the removal of the glazing bars. 

These glazing bars hold your existing glass or polycarbonate roofing systems in place, These can commonly be reused to retain and seal your new insulated panels. 

Existing panels may be removed and used as templates for cutting the new panels. To complete the process, we simply go back the way we came, introducing the gasket and glazing beads before screwing the roof bar end cap screws back into place.

Why Choose Replacement Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels?

After a certain length of time polycarbonate conservatory roofing will need to be replaced. These roofs have a typical lifespan of between 10 and 15 years, and when this time comes, there are a few options open to you. The first is to replace the polycarbonate like-for-like with replacement materials. The next is to replace the old material with new insulated panels. The final option is to remove the existing structure and replace it with an entirely new conservatory roof.

Naturally, the more cost-effective and energy-efficient option would be to replace your old roof with a new roof made of insulated panels. This will help reduce the heat loss experienced in your conservatory and protect the interior from direct sunlight. With the addition of the optional acoustic layer your insulation panels can also keep out unwanted external noise including that of heavy rainfall. Ultimately turning your conservatory into a room you can use all year round.

If you want to find out more about our conservatory insulation installation process in your home or business get in contact today. Call 01803 845770 today for conservatory roof insulation services near you.

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