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How Insulated Conservatory Roofing Panels Work

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  • 21-04-2022
How Insulated Conservatory Roofing Panels Work

Find out how insulated conservatory roofing panels work. This article looks at how they can keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Does insulating a conservatory roof work?

Roof insulated conservatory panels can work successfully depending on the type of materials utilised and the company you hire to complete the installation. Aluminium insulated panels and skilful instalments will often ensure efficiency throughout the year. However, they aren't magical; they cannot make heat disappear in the summer and cold disappear in the winter. They will help conceal heat in the winter periods and helps heat escape more fluidly in the warmer months; however, a little help from yourself wouldn't go amiss. 

Ensuring you do your best to open windows or existing conservatory doors and perhaps invest in air-conditioning in the summer or small high-quality heaters in the winter, you'll help enhance the efficiency of your insulated roofs and thermotec panels.


With the help of a local conservatory refurbishment company, you can successfully transform your space into one that you can wholeheartedly enjoy all year round. Many companies design their roofing systems to be completed in a day or less. 

Once the contact form has been filled out, a friendly team member will usually directly contact you; this is a fantastic opportunity to ask questions about the materials, insulation properties, etc. The team will likely help arrange a free quotation that's most suitable for your household budget. 

After getting some samples of the replacement conservatory roof panels, professional fitters will measure your existing ones one by one to configure the exact costs before informing you of any relevant finance options or special offers. 

You may place your order on the day with the member of staff that provided you with your quote. Alternatively, you can choose to phone in at a later date. Many require a deposit when you first place an order, along with the following balance paid at specific points throughout the duration of your project. 

Installation teams will then contact you to arrange a sufficient date for the technical survey. Typically, experienced surveyors will arrive to complete more in-depth panel and rafter measurements with millimetres included; they will also assess the framework more thoroughly. Once this has been done, your professionals can then begin the production of your new bespoke insulated panels and roofing. 

Your new panels will generally be manufactured across a period of 4-6 weeks, with the technical surveyor taking the precise measurements by hand. 

Once your panels have been entirely manufactured and each vital component, such as the top caps, guttering, etc., are in place at the distribution centre, warehouse teams will check the quality during the unpacking process. Professionals will confirm all parts after they arrive on-site, and the installation date will be set.

The local installation team will visit to fit your panels on the set date, removing your current panels before revitalising your conservatory with brand-new insulated replacement panels. They'll transform your room in less than a day, leaving your conservatory spick and span as it was before their arrival. 

After the installation, the company will have its customer services team get in touch to ensure all is well and that you are pleased with your new roof for the aluminium conservatory. You may be asked to provide a review for their website to improve their local reputation. 

For those with further questions, do not hesitate to get in contact.

Critical Benefits of Insulated Conservatory Roofing

Your conservatory is one of the most unused rooms in most homes across the UK. They can become too warm to handle in the summer and freezing in the winter months; therefore, many abandon their conservatories for most of the year, utilising them sometimes as storage spaces or only used for parts of the year. 

Local councils and authorities relaxed the planning laws in 2010, and now many homes can have professionals fit solid roofs onto their conservatories without the need for official planning permission. That way, you can transform your unusable space into a cosy place that you can enjoy from summer through to winter. 


Benefits of Insulated Conservatories Include:

The aluminium roof replacement panels are incredibly lightweight, yet they are known for offering eight times more efficient use than that of a polycarbonate roofing material.  

They have U-Values of approximately 0.29, meaning you will be able to use your conservatory all year round successfully.  

In the UK, including the England and Wales market, you'll find that many manufactured roof insulation systems are manufactured to be measured offsite.  

Professionals can fit these roofing insulation materials within a day; therefore, there is minimal upheaval. You can assure your money will be invested in quality products instead of paying for labour.  

Many will provide ten-year guarantees on your roofing panels with additional special offers.  

Insulated roofs are compatible with virtually all conservatory types; as they are measured offsite, you must ensure you specify your measurements to your fitter or ensure they provide an on-site visit to your existing structure.  

Businesses providing conservatory roof installations or replacements often design their conservatory roof refurbishment products and processes to ensure that the fitting is as non-disruptive as physically possible and try to complete the instalments within less than a day.

Benefits Of Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

Minimal Heat Transfer - You'll gain a warm, usable space with insulation inside your roofing panels, as these will efficiently prevent heat from leaving your conservatory, especially during the winter. 

Damp Free - You'll find with insulated conservatory roofs that mould and dampness will soon be problems of the past. Throughout the winter, your conservatory will be much warmer, and therefore, mould cannot grow and thrive. 

Cosy and Warm - On cold winter evenings, instead of using your curtains to shut the space off entirely, you can create a cosy space to relax in on cold, frosty mornings. With heaters and blankets that you can nestle underneath, you don't have to abandon the conservatory in the winter. 

Benefit 1. A Cooler Conservatory in the Summer

Many existing roofing companies wish to supply their customers with conservatory roofing and insulation levels that they can utilise all year round, so many manufacturers constantly modify their systems and enhance their products.

However, modern units like the latest triple glazed units can't offer sufficient protection from UV rays and heat during the summertime that a solid insulated roof may. Homeowners are usually delighted by the warmth their units can provide in the colder months; however, they can grow too hot to use in the summer and struggle with finding alternatives. 

Conservatories in the summertime allow you to bring natural light into your front room or any room in your household that you and your guests can sit in.

Using insulated roof panels will allow heat to successfully escape your conservatory and make it cooler. You can enjoy it in the hottest weeks or months of the year without much need for fully open windows, portable air-conditioning systems and costly blinds. 

Benefit 2. A Warmer Conservatory in Winter

A conservatory is fantastic for use in the summertime, but many forget that you can also use it in winter, providing its roof is made up of suitable materials. You won't experience any mothballing due to a cold conservatory or orangery that causes furniture fading due to it being far too expensive to heat.

Many roofing companies offer lightweight insulated roofing panels to make the most of extra space in your household, making it valuable. Often thermotec roof panels are superior conservatory panels to polycarbonate single, double or triple-wall roofs, as they are not as efficient at keeping heat locked inside your conservatory.

It successfully won't let it easily escape like a poorly insulated one may. These roofing panels have high density; they are incredibly energy-efficient and provide the right level of thickness for proper insulation. As a result, you can enjoy your cosy conservatory throughout winter.

Benefit 3. A Quiet Conservatory in Bad Weather

In utilising brand new aluminium insulated roofs, you will notice another significant benefit: your conservatory roof is incredibly quiet during bad weather. Often metal roofing can be loud, especially during harsh winds, hailstorms, and rain; some find the sound soothing; however, it can grow irritating after long periods if there is no noise to counteract it. Many customers with insulated conservatory roof panels often report that their conservatory is far quieter and, thus, a more excellent building to live in.

The aluminium panels are lightweight and durable with a specific stepped arrangement that is thin enough to glaze into the existing cavity yet a thicker extra weight than polycarbonate or glass materials. With this thickness, you can receive an incredible reduction in echo and noise so that your conservatory feels just like any other room in your home.



Approximately 95% of every panel created uses condensed high-efficiency insulation. Two powder-coated layers of baked aluminium encase the insulation, making the concept and build incredibly straightforward. Multiple layers of thermal wadding ensure less heat loss in cold weather.

Its polycarbonate and glass panels have a transparent quality that allows for the flow of heat throughout your conservatory roof to intensify. However, with other styles of panels, many manufacturers intend for the insulation to provide the opposite, successfully helping you restrict the flow of heat inside and outside your conservatory roof. 

To further simplify the concept, let's say that on a hot day, your roof panels will prevent the flow of heat through your roof into your conservatory, making it much cooler than it may be if you installed glass or polycarbonate panels.

However, on a cold day, the panels will prevent heat from escaping outside of your conservatory roof, ensuring your space stays warmer than it may if you use polycarbonate or glass panels.

It's significant to note that, although these panels are incredibly efficient and high-quality for the job they are designed to do, they are not magical. Therefore, your conservatory will not immediately become cooler on a hot day and warmer on a cold one. You must strive to treat your conservatory the way you would any other room in your home; by providing a little help. 

In the summertime, open your windows or conservatory doors, and in the wintertime, you should still utilise heating methods, such as small heaters and radiators. Your panels will help control the temperature whilst you use more standard methods than glass or polycarbonate roofs, which may cause you to struggle to retain the heat or cold you desire. 


Professionals and researchers often get conservatory customers to complete report sheets or documents of temperature monitoring before and after professionals install your new panels. Allowing customers to do so themselves ensures you get realistic and authentic results.

However, installers will also collect scientific proof and evidence that helps demonstrate how the panels of your conservatory roof work concerning the U-VALUE, which often sits at around 0.29. The high or low U-Value typically refers to the heat transfer rates throughout the whole of the structure. The more insulated your product is, the less heat can swiftly transfer through and become useless or waste energy. If your U-Value is lower, it will have better insulation and heat retention.

Are you considering conservatory insulation? We offer professional thermal insulation solutions for domestic and commercial conservatories throughout the UK.


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