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How do you Modernise an old conservatory

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  • 13-06-2023
How do you Modernise an old conservatory

Have you been asking: how do you modernise an old conservatory? CorePro Systems are conservatory insulation specialists providing insulation installations in the UK. We look at the benefits of refurbishing your existing conservatory and conservatory refurbishment ideas.  

Updating An Old Conservatory

If you want to update the look of your conservatory and give it a modern look, we can offer some great ideas to help you achieve that goal. One option is to insulate the walls of the conservatory to make it warmer in the winter. This is a cost-effective solution that involves drilling small holes into the wall and injecting non-flammable foam insulation. If your conservatory doesn't have dwarf walls underneath the windows, you can insulate the roof instead, but this is a more expensive option.

Changing the glass in the conservatory can also give it a new look and have the added advantage of saving you money on energy bills. You can choose from uPVC, aluminium, and hardwood frames to suit the character of your conservatory. Making the space open plan is another popular idea that can increase the size of the space you have to work with and create a brighter, more airy living space.

Replacing your conservatory roof might be the most cost-effective solution in the long run and add a huge amount of value to your home. If your old conservatory has a glass roof, then a solid tiled conservatory roof might be the option for you. Solid tiled roofs will add warmth to your home and will give it a cosy aesthetic. You can also opt to change the window frames of the conservatory to give it a modern feel while adding bifold doors is another popular option that can create large open spaces with uninterrupted views.

Benefits of refurbishing your existing conservatory

 How Do You Modernise An Old Conservatory?

Refurbishing an existing conservatory is a great way to create additional space and enhance the look and feel of your home. It allows you to modernise and update an old conservatory, making it a more inviting and comfortable place to spend time in. Here are some of the benefits of refurbishing your existing conservatory.

One of the main benefits of refurbishing your existing conservatory is increased energy efficiency. By using modern materials such as double glazing and insulation, you can reduce the amount of heat lost in winter and keep the interior cooler in summer. This can help you save money on energy bills and improve climate control in your home.

Another advantage of refurbishing your conservatory is its improved appearance. A fresh new look can give your conservatory a modern and stylish appearance, making it a more attractive and welcoming space to spend time in.

Refurbishing your conservatory can also lead to greater comfort. Installing double glazing and insulation can help reduce noise pollution and make your conservatory feel cosier when you’re relaxing in it. This means you can enjoy your conservatory all year round, whatever the weather.

In summary, refurbishing your existing conservatory has many benefits, including increased energy efficiency, improved appearance, and greater comfort. It is a great way to update your home and create a space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Conservatory Refurbishment Ideas

Insulate the Walls

If your conservatory has dwarf walls underneath the window frames, you can inject insulation to prevent heat loss. This is a cheap, quick, and easy fix that can help to reduce your energy bills. The insulation process involves drilling small holes in the walls, which are then filled with non-flammable foam.

Update Old Frames

Old UPVC frames can start to look dirty and worn if they have not been cared for properly. To give your conservatory a modern look, consider replacing the old frames with modern UPVC or powder-coated aluminium frames. This upgrade will improve the thermal efficiency of your conservatory and give it a fresh, new appearance.

Open up the Space

To create an open-plan feel, connect your conservatory to the main part of your home. Removing exterior doors or remodelling any walls that act as a barrier can help to make your conservatory feel like an extension of your living space. If you need help securing the necessary permissions, consider hiring a professional who can help with project management.


Make it Open-Plan

To make the most of your conservatory space, consider adding bifold doors or French doors to create a seamless link between your indoor and outdoor space. This will help to bring the outside in and make your conservatory feel bigger and brighter.

Replace the Roof

Replacing the conservatory roof is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring a tired area back into everyday use. Solid tiled conservatory roofs and modern hybrids both have plastered and insulated ceilings, making your conservatory more thermally efficient. Upgrading to the best glazing you can afford can also improve thermal performance by up to 33%.

Change the Glass

Advances in glazing technology mean that the glass we use in our homes is now vastly superior to the panes installed 20 years ago. Modern microscopic coatings help glass retain heat whilst reflecting UV rays away in warmer weather. This ensures that conservatories are much less prone to temperature fluctuations. Upgrading to A-rated glass can improve thermal performance by up to 33%, which is a worthwhile investment that could help reduce your energy bills.

Tips For Modernising A Conservatory

Conservatories are a great way to add extra space to your home while bringing in an abundance of natural light. However, an old conservatory can be uninviting and unattractive. Here are some tips for modernising your conservatory and making it a more inviting space.

1. Replacing Your Patio Doors

One way to modernise your conservatory is by replacing your old patio doors. Consider swapping sliding doors for bifold doors or standard patio doors for French doors. This will not only give your conservatory a new sense of space but also create a modern look.

2. Tiled Conservatory Roof

If you are looking to upgrade your conservatory, consider installing a tiled conservatory roof. A tiled conservatory roof is a great way to enhance thermal performance and create a more permanent feel. It is also a modern and stylish addition to any conservatory.

3. Choosing White

Choosing white for your conservatory is a great way to modernise and revitalise the space. Consider fitting white blinds, choosing white furniture, and painting any interior walls white to create a contemporary feel.

4. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a durable, low-maintenance finish that is popular for its sleek look. Installing quality laminate flooring can create a minimalist Scandinavian look for your conservatory.


5. Modernise Your Lighting

Modernising your lighting can make a huge impact on the ambience of your conservatory. Consider using a variety of lamps, spotlights, and coloured lighting to create an atmosphere and ambience.

6. Improving Your Exterior View

Improve your interior by improving your exterior. The large glazed area of a conservatory demands a beautiful view to admire. Landscape your garden or add a water feature for an attractive aspect to appreciate.

7. Indoor Plants

Adding indoor plants to your conservatory is a great way to bring in a natural element. Plants thrive in conservatories due to the abundance of natural light. The scent, look, and freshness of indoor plants are guaranteed to enhance your mood and create a vibrant living area.

8. Carpets And Soft Furnishings

Ceramic tiled floors in conservatories can feel cold and clinical, particularly in the winter. A fitted plush deep pile carpet or a stylish rug will provide warmth and make your conservatory feel more like an integral part of your home. Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws can also add a cosy feel to your conservatory.

We hope this article about how to modernise an old conservatory has inspired you to make use of your conservatory in a new way. Whatever you choose to use your conservatory for, ensure that it is properly insulated.

Are you considering conservatory insulation? We offer professional insulated conservatory roof panels for domestic and commercial conservatories throughout the UK.


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