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How To Keep A Conservatory Warm During Winter

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  • 07-12-2021
How To Keep A Conservatory Warm During Winter

Have you ever asked: how can I keep my conservatory warm in winter? We look at some top tips for keeping your conservatory cosy during the colder months.

Tips On Keeping A Conservatory Cosy

Conservatories offer a great extra space for family gatherings or simply relaxing on an afternoon. They have no problem providing warmth in the summer, as the sun's rays quickly heat the room. However, during winter, it is the complete opposite.

The space typically becomes too cold to enjoy comfortably, leading many conservatories to go underused. Fortunately, there are many methods to keep your conservatory warm and cosy during these colder months.


Glass, as you might expect, is not an ideal insulator. It cannot keep a room as warm as brickwork can, and even modern triple glazing will struggle to retain heat, unlike insulated walls. 

However, glass is important to a conservatory for other reasons, such as its visual appeal and ability to let in natural light. 

There is a huge variety of glazing types available, each with different levels of quality. You can find double glazing glass that will fit your overall budget finely. 

A full replacement of all the glass in a conservatory can be considerably expensive, but upgrading it in this way may be worth it if you plan on using the conservatory often.

How Can I Keep My Conservatory Warm In Winter?

Reduce Draughts

Draughts can be incredibly annoying and will affect your ability to enjoy your conservatory. This is because they prevent you from keeping a comfortable temperate in the room. 

Ensure your doors and windows have draught-proofing and replace any that lack it to help keep your conservatory warm during the colder months. If you are thinking about getting a new conservatory, it is advised to have a professional build it for you. This is because DIY work can lead to bad joints and seals, which will cause heat loss. 

A professional will install your conservatory with insulation in mind and will be able to prevent heat from escaping through the joints.


Blinds, Drapes & Throws

You can install drapes and blinds if you're looking for additional ways to retain heat in your conservatory. 

They are flexible insulation options because you can open them whenever you don't need to minimise draughts, such as in summer, allowing sunlight in. 

If the space is getting too cold, you can close them all to minimise the amount of heat that is lost through window glazing. 


Provided you had both the time and money necessary to do it, you could install underfloor heating and quickly improve the heating in your conservatory. Most people, however, would prefer cheaper options. Very little heat is lost through the floor, so insulated flooring isn't essential.

However, the type of flooring you use (and will end up walking on) can contribute to how warm the space feels. By using a deep-pile carpet with thick underlay, you will have flooring to walk on that won't freeze your feet like tiles will.

Roof Insulation

Many conservatories (mostly older ones) will have polycarbonate roofs. Unfortunately, materials like this offer poor insulation and can considerably reduce the temperature retention of your conservatory. 

 By replacing your roof with insulated conservatory roof panels, you can enjoy a much warmer conservatory with more effective insulation.

Insulated roof panels can be expensive, although they are certainly worth it if you intend on using your conservatory all year round. Many options are available for roof insulation, such as tiles and glass, which will significantly improve heat efficiency and can even help reduce your heating bills. 

Additionally, insulated glass can improve the visuals of your conservatory, making it look modern and sleek.


Electric Heating

Numerous problems can be created by attempting to connect your home's central heating system to your conservatory. 

You will likely require planning permission to do it, and the task itself can be time-consuming, difficult, and potentially even expensive. 

One of the solutions to this problem is electric radiators, as they are much easier to install. 

These radiators convert 100% of used energy into heat, making them a thermally efficient method of making your conservatory warmer. 

They not only provide cheap, effective heating, but many modern electric radiators can also improve the appearance of the room as they come in sleek styles and colours.


Efficient Heating 

Many people will opt to keep their heaters on constantly in their conservatory. It's easy to see why people do this - keeping a conservatory warm is difficult, and it's much easier to leave heating devices on constantly.

However, for convector radiators, which are the common type of radiator, most of the heat it produces will be lost through the glass in the ceiling as the warm air rises.

For this reason, you should only turn the heating on in your conservatory when you intend to use the room, as a lot of energy is wasted to heat it. By leaving the heating on constantly, you will face higher energy bills and leave a bigger carbon footprint.

Why Choose Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels

Insulated conservatory roof panels are the perfect solution for many common conservatory problems. You can directly replace your existing glass or polycarbonate roof panels with solid insulated 'sandwich' panels.

Insulated panels are widely available due to a network of local installers across the UK. The panels come in a thickness of 10mm to 100mm, so you'll be able to choose one that fits your budget precisely.


You won't struggle to find panels big enough to fit your conservatory as some of them can reach over 7 metres in length and 2 metres in width. Insulated conservatory roof panels come in a wide range of colours for both the internal and external sides of the panel.

With many attractive colours such as white, copper brown and slate grey to choose from, it will be easy to find a panel that blends in perfectly with the rest of your property.

Insulated conservatory roof panels have several benefits over alternatives, such as polycarbonate or regular glass roof panels.

Here are some of the main reasons you should choose insulated roof panels:

Even expensive, modern double-glazed or triple-glazed glass will struggle to offer effective protection against UV rays and heat. Due to a greenhouse-like effect, heat can become trapped in your conservatory during the summer, making the room unbearably hot.

Insulated roof panels let you enjoy the natural light during summer, whilst allowing just enough heat to warm up the room to a comfortable temperature. No longer will you need costly air-conditioning, curtains or blinds or have to deal with opening all the windows and doors just to keep your conservatory cool.

Many homeowners completely ignore their conservatory during winter, as poor insulation can make the room too cold to enjoy. Insulated roof panels use high-density thick insulation, which will reduce heat loss more effectively than alternatives such as triple-wall polycarbonate.

Combined with electric heaters, you'll be able to use your conservatory comfortably throughout the colder months.

One of the more annoying problems with conservatories is the loud sounds caused by rain or hail hitting the roof. Insulated conservatory roof panels are specifically designed to reduce noise caused by weather. 

By using these thick panels, you'll be able to enjoy conversations, watch TV or read a book in peace without having to deal with the loud pelting sound of heavy rain.

Insulated conservatory roof panels are not only more effective at keeping the heat in, but they also last longer. Some manufacturers offer 10+ year guarantees for their panels are they are expected to last far beyond this. Most panels are scratch-resistant, too, so you won't have to worry about the roof losing its attractive look years after installing it.

They're also easy to maintain; you'll just need to clean the panels as often as you deem necessary. Insulated roof panels are waterproof, so there will be no damp spots in the room or any risk of a leak potentially damaging your furniture. Furthermore, there is no risk of condensation or excess loading on the rame, unlike fibreglass or plasterboard roofs. 

Are you considering conservatory insulation? We offer professional thermal insulation solutions for domestic and commercial conservatories throughout the UK.


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