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Is A Conservatory A Good Investment

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  • 05-08-2022
Is A Conservatory A Good Investment

Are you interested in a conservatory but are unsure whether its worth the money? In this article we look at the many advantages to conservatories and whether you should invest in one.

Why Invest in a Conservatory?

Over in the UK, we are huge fans of the modern conservatory. The style of extension has been enjoying rapid growth in popularity since the 1980s, and around the United Kingdom, it is not uncommon to see houses all over that have great-looking conservatories attached. If you are a person who has not invested in conservatory construction yet, then it would not be surprising if every time you see a home with a conservatory, you feel a twinge of jealousy.

Of course, a conservatory is a major investment, so you may wonder whether it is worth all the money. Our team are absolute conservatory experts that over the years, have worked with countless customers and homes. We know what we are talking about when it comes to conservatory and all the various benefits that a high-quality conservatory has to offer. So with that in mind, it is now time to explore why you should consider making the investment. 

Cost-effective extension

If you are looking to extend your home, then you have probably already reached the conclusion that this can be an incredibly expensive and complex venture. However, you will find that in comparison to other build projects such as attic conversions or full extensions, a conservatory is actually a much cheaper option.

This makes conservatories a great choice as an affordable space creators. Furthermore, conservatories do not cost much to maintain. This means that all you need to do is fill the structure with all the furniture of your choice and then start enjoying your brand-new space. 

Access to natural light

Conservatories are fantastic because they have the perfect balance between both the indoors and the outdoors. This allows you to maximise the natural light opportunities in your home.

Natural light holds a whole host of different benefits for both your home and your personal wellbeing.

Exposure to natural sunlight can massively help to give your body a huge boost of vitamin D, as well as improve your mood and improving your sleep.

Keep this in mind when you are considering a space that amplifies the natural light in your home.

Versatile uses

There are a lot of people that think a conservatory is only good to be used as a location to unwind and relax. While this is absolutely a great way to use the space, there is actually a mountain of different ways that homeowners can utilise their conservatories.

For example, many people have been known to use their conservatory as a personal gym or even transform their conservatory into a home office or extension to their kitchen. Reap the benefits of a high-quality conservatory as soon as possible by talking to a professional.

A conservatory is way more than just a little bit of extra space for your home where you can sit in the summer. They are an excellent long-term investment that can completely transform your home and the way you operate within. 

What Will You Use A Conservatory For?

Before you make the decision on whether a conservatory is worth having connected to your home, you need to assess what exactly you will use the conservatory for. What exactly is your vision for the space and for the room? Is the conservatory going to be a space that you only use occasionally, is the conservatory an overload room for keeping some household extras, or do you have bigger ambitions for the space?

Are you planning for your conservatory to be a space of relaxation, an ideal space for you and your family to enjoy the summer sun coming through the windows? If you are perfectly happy for a conservatory to be simply a little more than just expensive extra storage and a room you only find yourself using very occasionally, then maybe a cheap and very basic conservatory might be the best option for you and your home.

If you are planning for the conservatory to be a proper part of your home, then a lot of further thought is required.


Should I invest in a conservatory?

Buying a conservatory is a huge investment of both your time and your money, so you need to ensure that you make all the right choices along the way. Below is a guide that will help you avoid making mistakes that will lead to regrets months or years after the installation.

Everything from finding that your new conservatory is so hot that it has become uncomfortable to sit within, to realising that none of your new furniture actually fits in the space due to a highly restrictive layout.

Conservatory owners will often admit that they would do something completely different if they were going through the conservatory purchasing and construction process again. Let's make sure you get it right on the first try.

Conservatory temperature

The absolute last thing you want is for your new conservatory to be so cold inside that you cannot sit in it during the winter months. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, way too hot inside, so it cannot be enjoyed in the height of summer. As experts in the field of conservatories, we cannot stress enough how vital it is to ensure that you think very carefully about the specific temperature of your conservatory.

The temperature of your conservatory can be affected by the number of vents and windows that have been installed, as well as the type of glass being used and whether blinds are being used to block sunlight.

One way to make sure that your conservatory is comfortable and even temperature is by using specialist glazing. All types of specialist glazing will be pricier than standard glass, but it comes very highly recommended by experts.

Thermally efficient glass

Thermally efficient glass is absolutely crucial to ensuring that your conservatory is at a useable temperature.

There are various types of thermally efficient glass, but commonly the glass will either have a special coating in order to reflect back all the heat into the room or use a gas such as argon in between the two glass panes to create extra insulation.


Conservatories can be built to face a specific direction, but this will affect the amount of sun that the structure will get. So you need to think about how this will then change the temperature of your conservatory.

For example, if you have a conservatory that faces south, then you will require more vents or windows in order to keep your room chill. If the conservatory faces north, then you will want to consider having thermally efficient glass fitted.

Stopping condensation

The temperature of your conservatory will also have an impact on whether the space will get a lot of condensation. This can be a common issue with conservatories.

Condensation can become worse if the conservatory has a leak, but you also need to be careful as even more issues can incur when there is not enough ventilation in the space. Many conservatory owners will use dehumidifiers to assist in reducing condensation.

Connecting to your home

In recent years, there has been a trend in conservatory construction and design that means the structure will open up the back of the home. In these cases, there is an even greater requirement to consider the conservatory's temperature.

Having this type of conservatory installed can have a much greater effect on the temperature of the entire home. Either lowering the temperature or making it far too hot.

If you are planning on this type of build for your home, it is extremely important that you consider thermally efficient materials. This can mean either specialist glass or an alternative more solid construction. You will also need to plan your heating and ventilation thoroughly.

Conservatory size

A common regret that you will hear from conservatory owners is that they picked a space that is too small. Although, smaller conservatories also have their benefits. Small conservatories will tend to be much cheaper and quicker to construct. The conservatory is also far less likely to require planning permission to be built.

So it is of the utmost importance that you think about how you are planning to use your conservatory and the size of your budget. You need to be as realistic as possible about the size you need and what you can actually afford.

The best way to make sure that you are choosing the correct size of conservatory for you and your home is by measuring out the dimensions of your future conservatory in your home's existing living room or dining room. This will then help you to compare the sizes of your existing living spaces to the new conservatory space, as well as let you see how well the furniture will fit.

Layout and positioning

You will need to think about how your conservatory will affect the boundaries of your property, as well as your neighbours and the rest of your garden. You do not want to have your conservatory built, just to find that the family next door can easily peer down at you through their bedroom window, or realise that you no longer have space for your favourite vegetable or flower patch.

You should also think about the internal layout of the conservatory. Ensure that you are very careful with the planning of where you will position doors, electrical sockets, and any TV aerial sockets so that you can gain maximum use out of them.


Polycarbonate plastic roofs are generally much cheaper than glass roofs, but they also come with a collection of drawbacks that could affect your enjoyment of your conservatory.

Polycarbonate plastic roofs are less thermally efficient, as well as being much noisier, especially when it is raining. The roofs will also tend to let through a lot less light.

Self-cleaning glass 

Self-cleaning glass is always an option worth considering, and the extra cost can be worth it in the long term due to the reduction in maintenance costs you will have to pay. Self-cleaning glass works by using a special coating on the glass that has a reaction when it interacts with the sunlight. The reaction will break down any dirt that has found its way onto the surface.

This dirt will then simply be washed away when it rains, and the glass will be left sparkling clean. The only problem with this type of glass is that it is required for the roof on your conservatory to be the correct pitch, otherwise, the whole system falls apart. You want your roof to be as steep as possible, it needs to be at an angle of more than ten degrees. 

Are you considering conservatory insulation? We offer professional thermal insulation solutions for domestic and commercial conservatories throughout the UK.


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