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Is It Worth Adding A Conservatory

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Is It Worth Adding A Conservatory

Should I add a conservatory to my home? In this article we talk about the value that a conservatory can add to your home and how it can help you resell.

Does a conservatory really add value to your home?

A conservatory is one of the most sought-after and popular home improvements. It gives you the opportunity to extend your space with a whole new impressive new room. A conservatory gives the opportunity to create a special that is modern and stylish and can be used for whatever you want it to be.

However, you may begin to wonder if a conservatory actually adds value to your home. Through adding an extra room to your property, you will increase the house's desirability to all potential buyers.

Conservatories are more affordable and much less hassle to have constructed than a regular home extension. This means that you can add value to your home at a very low cost to you. In fact, having a well-constructed conservatory built on your home can increase the property's value by at least five percent.

However, just as with any home improvement, the actual value that a conservatory will add to the property will depend on various different factors. The materials that have been used and the size of the conservatory are a couple of the factors.

Below are some more of these factors:

Some of the best ways to add value with a conservatory are...

South Facing Garden- Allows for maximum access to sunlight in a conservatory.

East or West-Facing Garden - Your new conservatory will also bathe in sunlight at different times of the day.

Attractive surrounding views- Due to conservatories being made mostly from glass, the room will be a delightful space where many people would love to spend their time.

Size - This is a decision you need to make carefully. A conservatory that is too small will limit what you can do with the space. If the conservatory is too big, it can dwarf your home and take up space that could otherwise be used for the garden.

Style of Home - Keeping the conservatory's style in line with the rest of your home is very important, especially with older, more traditional houses. If you have an ultramodern conservatory tacked onto the side of a heritage property, then this could harm the look as well as the value.

Speak to a local estate agent - Your local estate agent will have experience with selling homes that have both extensions and conservatories. Ensure that you do not go over your street's ceiling price.


How much value will it add?

Property experts will tell you that a conservatory will add around seven percent in value to your property. Although, determining the true level of value that the conservatory will add to your home is dependent on how well your conservatory fits with its surroundings.

It is essential to ensure that your new conservatory blends well with the original property. It should also reflect the property's interior style in order to create continuity.

When it comes to planning, the first thing you will want to do is to make sure you know where you would like your conservatory to sit. This requires consideration because if your conservatory appears as though it is just stuck or tacked on to the side of your home, then this can actually end up harming the property's value. This is because a potential buyer may just see the conservatory as something to be fixed.

How a conservatory can help to sell your home

We had talks with professional estate agents, looking for an independent view on whether a conservatory actually will help to sell your home. According to various professionals we spoke with, the majority of people who are looking for a family home are after one of two things. A second reception room and a kitchen diner, both of these can be achieved with a conservatory.

Conservatories can be added to homes of all sizes, but if you really want to enhance the way you are living and make your home more saleable too, then here are some of the professional estate agents' top tips:

It is important that you make sure that you actually have a big enough garden to accommodate a conservatory. Potential buyers can be easily put off by a home with a conservatory that takes up most of the garden space, so ensure that you don't build one that uses up all your garden space.

The conservatory must be heated so the room can be used as a second reception room or a children's playroom throughout the year and not only for use in the summer months. Underfloor heating is a great way to warm a new conservatory. 

If possible, you should incorporate bi-folding doors into your conservatory, orangery, or garden room. This is a huge benefit to prospective buyers. This will really give your home a real wow factor on a summer day where you can open up the doors and let the fresh air in.

In order to add proper value to a conservatory, the size needs to be around four metres by four metres or higher. Smaller conservatories can still be impressive, but they will need a little more thought put behind them.

When you are looking at purchasing a conservatory, we would recommend always going for the highest quality you can afford. You should also look at conservatories that suit the style and character of the original house.

Solar glass is a massive advantage that you should also consider. The glass will help with keeping you cool in summer and retaining the heat during the winter months. You should also avoid looking at ceiling fans. They are very old-fashioned.

Ensure that there are enough openable windows around the conservatory. One of the most important parts of a conservatory is ensuring it is well ventilated.

Try to choose either a solid wood floor or tiled flooring. If you go with carpeted flooring, then you will always be worried about making marks on the floor from the garden. A buyer will have the exact same mindset. If your conservatory is big enough and you have decided to go with a carpet, then you can lay down an entrance mat where people can wipe their feet first.

Kitchen conservatories are a modern and fantastic idea. The big selling point at the moment for kitchen conservatories is giant kitchen diners. Kitchens in the area with a covered roof and the dining area in the conservatory are very attractive to potential buyers.

Old conservatories from several decades ago are not good selling points to potential house buyers. Neither are conservatories that have been poorly maintained or made with a low level of attention to detail and quality.

Does the position of my conservatory matter?

The direction which the conservatory faces will affect how the space can be used, as well as what flooring, ventilation, and heating you will need. So ensure that you think this decision through fully before you make a decision. Generally, structures that face the north will be cooler because they receive much less direct sunlight.

This means that the room will not overheat on warm days, but it will require insulation and heating in order to make it cosy and usable during winter. A conservatory that faces the south will be in direct sunlight for most of the day. This is ideal in the winter months but can quickly become uncomfortably warm during summer.

Ventilation will be needed to allow fresh air to flow. A conservatory that faces easy will get the early morning sun, so is perfect as a room to eat breakfast. Heating and double-glazed windows are definitely needed.

The space will spend more time out of direct sunlight, so will cool down very quickly. As you can imagine, the opposite is true for west-facing conservatories. These benefit from lots of good sunlight in the afternoon and even into the evening, but they may need to be heated first thing in the morning.

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